What Is Spectr? Spectr is a Slack-integration that makes sure you always have your own virtual jurist at your disposal. Spectr is a product of theJurists Europe and is supported in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The installation and use of Spectr is completely free.
  • Meet Spectr
  • Meet Spectr
Meet Spectr
Spectr is your in-house legal guy for all your legal questions. Always available and ready to help you through your favourite Slack application.
No more worries, here’s Spectr.
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Spectr feels perfectly at home in your own Slack-environment. In just a few clicks you have your own in-house jurist who can immediately answer your questions in no fewer than four languages (English, French, Dutch and German). Just type /help-spectr for more information when using the app. Spectr, a product of theJurists Europe, is completely free to install and to use for initial advice. What are you waiting for?

A product of
theJurists Europe

Spectr is a product of theJurists Europe, a headstrong legal consultancy firm specialised in digital law, IP and corporate law. theJurists Europe works strongly on technology, in order to make the law accessible to every entrepreneur. theJurists Europe has offices in Ghent, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Cologne and London. You can be rest assured that you will receive correct, personal and valuable advice.


Spectr can be installed and used freely.

Always present

Spectr integrates perfectly into your current Slack team.


Spectr is a product of theJurists Europe.

Rapid advice

Receive rapid advice during business hours.


What do others have to say about our jurists?

“I was having a conflict with my ex-employer, so I sent an email to theJurists Europe on Saturday and I asked them for advice. On Sunday, I already received an answer by mail and on Monday they called me up to obtain some more information. At the end of the day the legal advice was in my mailbox. On Tuesday, I could already express my thanks to theJurists Europe because my ex-employer admitted he was wrong. This way, I managed to avoid legal proceedings (and the related costs). If you are looking for fast, transparent and honest advice: contact theJurists Europe!”

Stijn Martens

“If you are looking for legal advisers that can honestly and rightly answer “yes” to the question “do you know anything about ICT (law)”, theJurists Europe is the place to go. They know what a cloud is, how intangible the internet is, and what the difference is between a user and a provider. This ensures that their advice and their work can actually be used immediately by an Uptime-as-a-Service provider like ourselves (additional advantage: I did not have to explain first what it is that we do).”

David Geens Nucleus

“We were always able to count on theJurists Europe for a smooth and customer-friendly cooperation. They show a great deal of flexibility, speed and availability, which is something you don’t often find in the legal sector. We relied upon theJurists Europe for various important brands and we were always properly advised and assisted throughout the entire process. The cooperation went really well thanks to their responsive employees and their transparent way of communicating.”

Bart Verbeelen 4Tops

“theJurists Europe helped us out in an efficient, fast and pleasant manner with drafting crystal clear texts for our website and our web shop, as well as a tailored license contract. We are very pleased about their service and we strongly recommend them!”

Yen Drenth LSG Europe Laser Kits

“theJurists Europe is a team that has perfectly adapted itself to the world of e-commerce. They are flexible, fast, and completely informed about both national and international law. Mostly, I appreciated their very personal approach and their rigorous follow-up. theJurists Europe is a real tower of strength when it comes to dealing with tight deadlines and technically complex matter. "

Sam Delagrange Guylian

The application is developed using the highest security standards. The use of Spectr is completely safe and takes place in your familiar Slack environment.


Self-evidently, your personal data are safe. Spectr will never sell or transfer your data to third parties.


The advice you receive through Spectr is ensured by theJurists Europe, European experts in digital law, IP and corporate law.

Clear advice

Spectr will always give you understandable initial legal advice, in no fewer than four languages (English, French, Dutch and German). Other languages will soon follow.

Peace of mind

Finally, you no longer have to look for a jurist or lawyer. After all, you now have the comfort of a personal in-house jurist within your company, without the wage costs.

Fast support

You can count on fast support during business hours. In addition, we are currently working on a 24/7 helpdesk. We appreciate your patience.

We keep working very hard to improve Spectr and to expand to other countries. Would you like to receive updates? Just fill in your email address here: